Training & Development

Our rapid business growth has generated an increasing demand for our colleagues to acquire more relevant knowledge, skills and technology in order to strengthen the sustainable performance of Interflour.

In Interflour, we recognise the fact that our colleagues are one of our key cornerstones to maintain our sustainable performance in this highly competitive business environment. With a current diverse workforce of approximately 1,550 colleagues within the entire organization, we place much effort and emphasis in the development of our colleagues with the primary objectives of increasing their skills, competencies and commitment levels in order to attain optimum value for our colleagues, stakeholders, shareholders and customers.
It is our commitment to provide on-going training and development programs to our colleagues for their personal growth and development as skilled and competent employees are crucial in the attainment of our business objectives and growth strategies.

In addition, such effort ensures that we have a readily available pool of resources with the right skills to manage our business through a period of aggressive business growth.


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