Research & Development
Our History
In 2005, we invested on our own R & D Centre, which was located in University Technology Mara. With the increased demand on R & D's program, expertise and the relevant facilities, our R & D centre was expanded and relocated to the campus in University Putra Malaysia UPM) in 2010. The relocation expanded provides a platform for specialized research and development work for the Interflour Group. Our centre understakes both fundamental and applied research in grains and flour-based products.
Interflour R&D Today
Our Facilities:

Interflour's dedication to service our valued customers has provided us the drive to equip our R & D Centre with numerous high technology and advanced equipment to cater to a wider scope of scientific research.This includes but not limited to advanced equipment to test the flour rheological properties, enzyme activities and many others to ensure the consistency of our flour quality. These research works are not limited to flour testing only but range out to end-product testing as well. Our in-house baking facilities and pilot scale facilities enable the research works to be representative to the actual manufacturing which eventually generated more reliable results. To ensure the efficiency and accuracy of our research works, the R & D Centre is well equipped with state-of-art equipment and facilities for determining the end-product characteristic, texture and or volume.

Our Service:
As part of our customer support program, the Centre conducts short and long term collaborative R & D program with our customer in the region. The Interflour R & D teams work closely and exclusively with each customer to solve their problems, improve existing products as well as develop new product innovation.
Numerous internal training programs are conducted annually to keep our Technical, Sales and QC Team abreast with the latest trend on ingredients and technologies. Furthermore, we aim to enhance our technical knowledge in order to be a better solution provider to our valued customers.
Our Achievements:
Responding to the market demands, our R & D Team had recently initiated and pioneered the first ever Roti-Canai Premix, carrying the brand name “I-Mix”. In line with the concept of “easy-to-use”, the slogan for the premix is "JUST ADD WATER". All you need to do is add water, and you will get a roti canai that is crispy outside but chewy inside, the way it should be. This product is available in the market and in packaging of 25kg and 1kg.