Prestasi Flour Mill

Interflour Peninsular Malaysia – Prestasi Flour Mill is located in Westport, Port Klang Peninsular Malaysia.We have a processing capacity of 850 tons of wheat per day or the equivalend to over 214,000 tons of flour per year.

After more than 18 years of solid experience in flour manufacturing, our Company has become one of the leading producers of flour in Peninsular Malaysia. Our long established and well-recognized "Horse" brand has developed a strong loyalty base among our Customers. In doing so, this product range has helped us become the dominant market brand in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Melaka, Seremban, Ipoh and Penang.

All Our Products are available nationwide and as such, we have the largest market share in the Bread and Instant Noodles segments. Besides the domestic markets, we are also the leading exporter of Bread, Noodle and Multi-Purpose Flour to Singapore.

Our Flagship Brands:

  • Bread Flour - Red Horse is one of the leading brands in the Bread segment
  • Roti Canai Flour - Blue Horse RC is fast gaining popularity in the Roti Canai segment
  • General Purpose Flour - Green Horse is widely available and affordably priced.

Our 1KG pack, Cap Lili General Purpose flour, and Bakers' Choice -1KG Enriched flour and Blue Horse RC -1KG are the  favourite brands among household users.

Our extensive network of distributors and wholesalers enables us to fulfil any order size for small to medium users. We are proud to be the preferred flour supplier of the leading big customers (Institutional Users) in Peninsular Malaysia. Additionally, we are happy to customize our products to our customer’s specifications. Forward pricing commitments with confirmed quality and delivery dates are part of the contract offered through our Sales Department and the deliveries are on door-to-door using bulk tankers.

We aim to grow our customer base and replicate our success with the big Institutional Customers by expanding our flour distribution into the General Market Wholesalers. During the growth, we acknowledge that it is essential to provide a consistency high-quality product as well as assisting our Customers with industry knowledge and expertise through our Technical Support Team.

We conduct regular market demo on our flour applications, showing the latest bread baking and noodle making techniques and trends. Our multiple-distributor network enables us to reach our Customers with ease. Our Depots in Johor , Penang and Kelantan are set up for timely deliveries .