Our Story

The Interflour Group was established in 2005 with the acquisition of six flour mills in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Since then the business has doubled the number of facilities, diversified into malt production and extended itself along the supply chain into grain storage and port services, trading and baking enhancement products.

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Interflour Group, Singapore
Danang Flour Mill
Mabuhay Flour Mill
IFV Flour Mill
Sabah Flour & Feed Mills
Lahad Datu Flour Mill
Sarawak Flour Mill
Prestasi Flour Mill
Eastern Pearl Flour Mill
Golden Grand Flour Mill
Intermil Flour Mill
Intermalt Malt Plant
Cai Mep Agri-Port
Sales Office
Sales Office
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  • Interflour Group formed

    Acquired 6 mills in Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam

    4,050 metric tons per day


  • Expanded port in southern Vietnam to handle

    + 3.5 million tons per year


  • Acquired mill in Turkey

    + 400 tons per day

  • Expanded existing mills in Malaysia

    + 350 tons per day

  • Expanded existing mill in southern Vietnam

    + 500 tons per day

2014 -15

  • Acquired mill in west Indonesia

    + 600 tons per day

  • Expanded existing east Indonesia mill

    + 250 tons per day

  • Acquired mill in central Vietnam

    + 220 tons per day


  • Constructed new mill in the Philippines

    + 500 tons per day

  • Constructed new malt plant in Vietnam

    + 360 tons per day

  • Expanded existing mill in Turkey

    + 140 tons per day

  • Current 10 mills

    7,130 metric tons per day